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The people who are bloody sick of Pippin

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3/11/06 09:13 pm - missethel

just worked out how to post here lol!!

erm...pip is a bad person

1/24/05 02:16 pm - teh_wereneko

I refuse to believe Pip is gay. It's an offence to all gay people. Why can't he just come to the conclusion that he'd be better off asexual?

1/24/05 12:59 pm - darkleporidae

Wheee! Fun community!

So...um...complaining about Pip...

He keeps saying he's givig up stalking a girl and then goes on staking! He's done this to me, Stacey, and a bunch of others. The latest email I've been give is this:

" sigh" i give up. im obvously 2 good 4 u. but u dont know the real man i am. im kind, generous and way to good 4 u. keep that little weasle iain but i am more of a man that him. at least im likeable. its just i awlays wanted a girl to be proud of, who isent a minger, and to see the man i am. guess i wos wrong.

l8r days xxxxxxxxxxxxx

And my reply:

*snorts* Oh please! Iain's ten times the man you are and he's ten times more likeable. I'll keep him with pleasure. You could never be too good for me. If anytihng, I was too good for you. That frst day of college, I only said yes coz I pitied you. Too late I found out you weren't worth my pity. You turned out to be a complete arsehole. And that's the nice version of what I think. Iain's better than you in every way. He's much better looking and actually has a little something called "intelligence" which you seem to lack entirely. Do you even know what "intelligence" means? Without looking it up in a dictionary? And at least Iain doesn't doesn't greet friends as "Wassup me niggas?" like I've heard you say. Do you even realise that "nigger" is a derogatory term for a black person and that it is a racisit remark? Hell, do you even know what "derogatory" means? Once again, without looking it up in a dictionary. You're brainless and ugly. It's no wonder all the girls turn you down. I've heard for many people about the girls you've admitted to liking. You have no chance with any of them. Even if there is a female equivalent to you, at least she'd still have the brains to say "No, get out of my face you ugly fucker!"

That said, have a nice day. Not. Go do the world a favour and slit your wrists.

All my hate,

...will come back and say more later.
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